The Austrian Myeloma Registry

The Austrian Myeloma Registry (AMR) is a clinical registry, which collects and safely stores anonymised detailed data on the diagnosis, treatment and treatment results of myeloma patients.

Information for Myeloma Experts

The Austrian Myeloma Registry (in short: AMR) supports you in the clinical management of myeloma patients. The internet-based software has been implemented with special attention to easy usability and meets the highest security requirements.

The register is based on an individually developed web-based software. The system offers authorized and registered myeloma specialists the possibility to document the therapy of myeloma patients at any time and from any location and to evaluate them as a result.

The course of the disease can be evaluated directly in the system and displayed graphically. Individual patient groups can be evaluated and the results compared.

In order to maintain and further develop the AMR, anonymized data analysis┬┤ from the AMR are made accessible to interested non-academic partners on a fee-for service basis.