Currently the genomic era profoundly alters the landscape of basic, translational and clinical cancer research, and of cancer care. Major advances in our understanding of the genetics and biology of cancer have revealed molecular dependencies and aberrant proteins as “Achilles heels” in various cancer types that can be exploited with targeted molecular therapeutics and form the basis of personalized cancer medicine. Personalized medicine promises more efficacious and less toxic and cost-effective anti-tumor therapy strategies in patients with defined molecular aberrations.  Our take is that the value chain will continue to tilt from global pharma towards private public partnerships or smaller companies, such as Oncotyrol. Tumor characterization and individual biomarkers become standard and companion diagnostics are eventually required to be paired with new targeted therapies for clinical and economic purposes. Another important trend is that health economic evaluations are implemented earlier in the development process. Therefore, our value chain is based on 4 major pillars: