Our Partner ESD ( developed a set of fully functional software tools for the assessment of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) which can be included in Oncotyrol services. PROs are based on internationally standardized questionnaires answered by patients to express the subjective perception of their somatic and psychological health state. PROs are currently required for clinical trials but rarely implemented in daily oncological routine.

The CHES software is a browser based, fully mobile compatible software allowing the patients to submit their PROs independent of clinical personnel.  The software processes the information automatically and provides the physician with prepared Quality of Life information.

The physician is alerted if reported PRO’s show clinically relevant deviations (depending on individually matched reference values).

Patient portals are the second step in PRO processing. These portals (currently in stroke and multiple myeloma) give personalized feedback to the patients. This feedback is based on the personal diagnosis, therapy and PROs of a patient.

It contains self-help tools to improve quality of life (patient self-management) or may suggest seeing the physician etc.

PROs and patient portals are central tools to enhance patient empowerment.

In a joint project with the Oncotyrol (AMR) myeloma patients a routine PRO monitoring was set up at University Hospital of Innsbruck. In the partially public funded project AIDA, together with the competence Center ACMIT, this routine monitoring procedure will be extended to the largest hospital in Austria, the AKH Wien and additionally to the diagnosis of amyloidosis (including als cardiology and nephrology departments).